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Tips and Updates Slips, Trips, and Falls Here are some of the reasons why people slip, trip, and fall in the workplace and what can be done to identify and eliminate or control these hazards. Slips Falls due to slips occur when there is not enough friction between the walking

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Congratulations Dhanushika Mapa, Ph.D.

Tips and Updates Congratulations Dhanushika Mapa, Ph.D. Please join me in congratulating Dhanushika Mapa, Ph.D., Assistant Project Engineer for Ardaman & Associates, Inc, who along with her co-authors, have been awarded the Wason Medal for Materials Research by the American Concrete Institute for their research paper, Effect of Slag Characteristics

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Trenching and Excavation Safety

Tips and Updates Trenching and Excavation Safety In an instant and without notice, an unsupported trench can give way and a worker can be buried alive. “Even though small amounts of dirt may not seem treacherous, a single cubic yard of dirt can weigh more than 3,000 pounds, which can

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Hurricane Basics

Tips and Updates Hurricane Basics The ingredients for a hurricane include a pre-existing weather disturbance, warm tropical oceans, moisture, and relatively light winds aloft. If the right conditions persist long enough, they can combine to produce the violent winds, incredible waves, torrential rains, and floods we associate with this phenomenon.

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Biological Hazard Safety Tips: Ticks/Chiggers

Safety Biological Hazard Safety Tips: Ticks/Chiggers PROTECT YOURSELF FROM TICK/CHIGGER (RED BUG) BITES: Know where to expect ticks. Ticks live in moist and humid environments, particularly in or near wooded or grassy areas. You may come into contact with ticks during outdoor activities around your home or when walking through

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Hot Dog Keeps his Company Cool on Dogs of Destiny

Tips and Updates Hot Dog Keeps his Company Cool on Dogs of Destiny Chip Hoover P.E., from of our Sarasota office has helped raise and train puppies for Southeastern Guide Dogs for five years. Southeastern Guide Dogs transforms lives by creating and nurturing extraordinary partnerships between people and dogs. They

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Ardaman Milestones

Tips and Updates Ardaman Milestones Several Ardaman employees have received special recognition or reached important milestones in their careers. RETIREMENT CONGRATULATIONS!Deborah Strott, Corporate Administrative Assistant, retired on August 28th, 2022, after 18 years with Ardaman. During her tenure at Ardaman, she assisted three presidents and many administrative staff, as well as

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Sands of the Suncoast

Tips and Updates Sands of the Suncoast Siesta Key Beach is often called the number one beach in America. But why does the beach sand at Siesta Key feel different when compared to other nearby Florida beaches?  Jerry Kuehn, Senior Project Engineer from the Sarasota Branch office, performed laboratory testing

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Ardaman Transitions

Tips and Updates Ardaman Transitions VIRGINIA GOFF:  Ardaman is pleased to announce the appointment of Virginia Goff, P.E. as Branch Manager of our Sarasota office. Ms. Goff is a graduate of the University of Florida, receiving her Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering (Geotechnical) in 2014 and her Professional Engineer license in

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