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Welcome to the Ardaman & Associates, Inc. web site.  I invite you to take a moment to learn more about Ardaman through our service profiles, project descriptions, and staff capabilities.

Mohamad Al-hawaree, P.E., P.Eng. President

The company has continually provided services in the practice of engineering since founded in 1959 by Dr. M.E. Ardaman. The company was established in Orlando, Florida and currently operates from the corporate headquarters in Orlando and 14 offices throughout Florida, Louisiana, and Texas.  In 1975, after the passing of Dr. Ardaman, the core of the management group assumed leadership of the company.  In 2002, the company merged with Tetra Tech Inc., an international infrastructure and environmental engineering company.

One of our most important service standards is safety.  We are committed to providing a safe work environment for our employees, our clients, and the public.  To this end, we have an extensive safety program developed and managed by a designated Corporate Safety Committee and a Safety Director who reports directly to me.  The Safety Through Operations (STOP) program is designed to sustain our motto, “Nobody Gets Hurt”.  Since implementing this program, Ardaman has achieved some of the lowest incidence rates in our profession.

Ardaman has a rich history of innovation, technical excellence, collaboration, and safety. We invest in our employees through technical and safety training, sustaining a modern fleet of field exploration equipment, and continuously improving our state-of-art geotechnical laboratory.  We foster an environment in which our employees have been and will continue to be leaders in their professions.  They have solved some of the most challenging geotechnical and geo-environmental engineering problems in the world.  Whether it is a moving bridge, a levee on soft clay, or a solid waste landfill in an environmentally sensitive area, we deliver value to our clients while protecting the communities in which we live and work.  

Our internal team of experts holds many years of academic and practical experience. We combine specialized knowledge of basic engineering principles and theoretical models with advanced instrumentation and testing to expand the state-of-the-art.  We were the first to design a lined phosphogypsum stack using a compatible liner system, the first to successfully remediate a major sinkhole in a 200-foot high waste disposal area, and the first to develop a special non-reactive synthetic slope drain.  These, and many more examples, exhibit the ingenuity and expertise of our employees.

I am gratified that most of our technical and managerial leaders are home grown. We groom, train, and promote our engineers and scientists to become branch managers and subject matter experts. We, therefore, provide our clients with a level of stability, continuity, and institutional knowledge that cannot be found elsewhere.

Throughout the company’s history, Ardaman has combined technical excellence with exceptional leadership and entrepreneurial savvy. We are proud of this history and I am privileged to lead Ardaman as we evolve our business. I work continually to create and provide growth opportunities for our employees, who are always ready to safely serve our clients and communities with experienced wisdom, a passion for achievement, and commitment to success.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or one of our local offices when we can be of assistance.

Kind regards,

Mohamad Al-hawaree, P.E., P.Eng.

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