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Water Resources

Water Resources Capabilities

Ardaman has successfully built a reputation for excellence in water resources engineering. Our water resources group has a depth of experience in performing field and analytical services for a variety of clients in both the public and private sectors, including water management districts, public works departments, solid waste departments, water supply utilities, stormwater utilities, industrial concerns and agricultural entities.

Water Management Capabilities

Our staff capabilities address a broad array of disciplines, including stormwater management, watershed planning, pollutant loading analysis, best management practices, environmental permitting, hydrogeology, design of production and monitoring wells, as well as meteorological, flow, water level and water quality monitoring. The corporate water resources group, centrally located in Orlando, is supplemented by field offices throughout the state of Florida and Louisiana, performing equipment installation, data collection, evaluation and report-preparation tasks.

Ardaman’s primary advantage lies in our staff’s capabilities and experience, and in our approach to water resources engineering projects. The department employs state-of-the-art techniques to address project needs that include applying sophisticated hydrologic and hydraulic models to evaluate natural and engineered systems, as well as employing Geographic Information Systems to assist in database development and analysis. We possess significant experience in numerical modeling of surface water, groundwater and integrated (surface plus ground water) systems. Our staff is experienced and well respected in data collection (surface water, groundwater and stormwater infrastructure inventories), evaluation, mapping and reporting.

Water Resources Projects

Watershed Management Services

Many federal, state and local agencies have adopted a watershed-based approach to water resource management.

In response, we have developed a full range of services to assist our public and private sector clients to achieve their various goals (flood control, environmental restoration, water supply, water quality, permitting, etc.) while meeting the challenge of protecting our valuable water resources.

Stormwater Management Services

As stormwater management has evolved into a complex and important science, our engineers and scientists have developed data collection, analysis, planning, monitoring and mapping services, as well as environmental permitting support services, to assist stormwater managers in their efforts to design, construct and manage stormwater facilities.

Groundwater Management Services

Hydrogeology, the science that deals with subsurface waters and related geologic aspects of surface water, has removed much of the mystery surrounding the origin, occurrence, movement and chemical quality of groundwater and has introduced scientific evaluation, planning and management of this valuable natural resource. Our hydrogeologists and water resource engineers have the geologic and analytic knowledge coupled with hands-on experience in the development and management of groundwater resources to help make the most efficient and long-lasting use of this resource.

GIS and Data Management

Our staff has employed GIS in water resource management projects since the late 1980s. Ardaman’s approach to using this important technology has evolved in parallel with the rapidly expanding capabilities of hardware and software to meet the growing needs of our clients. We continually improve upon our designs of efficient GIS database systems; our strategies for model construction and quality control; and our techniques to leverage the ever-increasing processing and display capabilities of GIS tools.

Field Data Collection

At Ardaman, we collect field data for our own projects, setting us apart from many others who only offer monitoring, analysis or design services. Because of this ability, our engineers design, install, collect, analyze and report field program information in a cost-effective manner and benefit greatly from direct control of the monitoring program design and the data collection process. Direct control allows us to refine data collection procedures as needed and to simply and effectively obtain supplemental information. In-house data collection also places Ardaman in an ideal position to evaluate that data and perform a variety of associated quality control and analytical tasks.

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