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Tampa New CME-55

Ardaman & Associates, Inc. is proud to introduce the newest addition to the Ardaman’s field fleet- a CME-55 drill rig mounted on a Peterbilt truck.

A unique feature of this CME-55 rig is that it has the capability to do angle drilling with telescoping stabilizers.  

It also has a Hydraulic slide base, in-out and sideways. Enhance drilling capability with three different hoists and 400 feet of hydraulic wireline hoist allows for quality rock core drilling.   

Importantly, this rig exhibits several key safety features. Hydraulic rod holder and breakout wrench system make the job quicker and safer with less manual labor. There is a lock-out position for the clutch lever, which helps prevent accidental engagement.  This CME-55 also has a patented spindle brake that stops rotation in less than one revolution.

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