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Tallahassee New CME-45

Ardaman & Associates, Inc. is proud to introduce the newest addition to the Ardaman’s field fleet- a CME-45B multi-purpose drill rig mounted on an International 4×4 CV 515 truck.

The CME-45B has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 23,000 pounds, which improves accessibility in softer soil conditions and reduces the impact caused when driving on curbs and sidewalks, as compared to heavier drill rigs.

A unique feature of the CME-45B is the rig can drill with the mast remaining in the down position, which can expedite the borehole set-up and break-down process when drilling near overhead obstructions and when needing to move quickly between successive boreholes.

The CME-45B is powered by the Deutz 3-cylinder, 57 horsepower Tier-4i industrial diesel engine, and has rotary drive speeds up to 760 rpm. With four forward gears and one reverse, this CME-45B has a rotation speed and torque combination for a wide variety of conditions. The mechanical rotary drive also allows for the driller to more adequately feel the changes in soil conditions down the borehole.

Most importantly, this rig exhibits several key safety features. There is a lock-out position for the clutch lever, which helps prevent accidental engagement. The transmission does not travel vertically with the spindle, thus allowing for changing of gears when at the top of the feed stroke. This CME-45B also has a patented spindle brake that stops rotation in less than one revolution. Safety is also enhanced in the truck, which is also set-up with Bluetooth, which enables hands-free communication and includes a back-up camera and a speed governor.

This CME-45B will serve as an integral part of Ardaman’s 22 trucks, track, ATV, barge and airboat mounted drill rig fleet, as it will provide additional flexibility in accessing various boring locations that are otherwise inaccessible with larger drill rigs that require raising the mast.

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