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Newest Safety Device - Scorpion II Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA)

Ardaman & Associates, Inc. is proud to introduce the newest addition to the Ardaman’s field fleet a Scorpion II Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA).

 Designed to provide a safe working space within roadway rights-of-way, the TMA is mounted on an International Durastar 4300 hybrid (diesel-electric) support vehicle. The Scorpion II is a mobile crash cushion attached to the rear of the support vehicle’s frame. 

The TMA consists of three main components: a strut, a cartridge and backup/diaphragm frames. The strut and cartridge comprise the energy attenuation components. The strut is positioned nearest to the support vehicle while the cartridge is positioned the furthest away such that is typically the first component impacted by an errant vehicle. The strut consists of four outboard convex aluminum tubes (two on each side) forming an aluminum structural weldment. The aluminum structural weldments bolt to a structural steel diaphragm/backup frame. This TMA has an overall dimension of 12.9 ft. × 8.0 ft × 2.0 ft when deployed in the horizontal operating position.  This TMA has been tested and rated to exceed MASH TL-3 standards (62.5 mph / 100 kph). The lighting includes LED brake, directional, signal and running lights, providing advanced warning to drivers.  

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