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Ardaman Milestones

Several Ardaman employees have recently received special recognition or reached important milestones in their careers.

Welcome New Hires

Dr. Ching Tsai, P.E. has joined Ardaman’s Baton Rouge office as Principal Engineer. Dr. Tsai has been a practicing Geotechnical Engineer for more than 30 years. He started his geotechnical engineering career as a consultant in Houston, Texas for 2 years before joining Soil Testing Engineers, Ardaman’s predecessor firm in 1987. For the next 20 years he worked on over 1,000 variety of geotechnical projects including commercial, industrial, infrastructure, and waste facilities. He later joined the LA Department of Transportation & Development’s (LADOTD) Pavement and Geotechnical Section in 2006. During his tenure at LADOTD, he designed numerous highway bridge foundations and provided his expertise in many geotechnical forensic studies. In addition, he was responsible for transition of LADOTD’s geotechnical design from Load Factor Design (LFD) to Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) mandated by AASHTO. As part of the transitioning effort, he spearheaded the Louisiana driven pile and drilled shaft resistance factor calibrations. Dr. Tsai established the Structural Health Monitoring services at LADOTD and was responsible for instrumenting more than 10 bridges. He is a member of several committees of the Transportation Research Board. He has served in many research projects in the National Cooperation of Highway Research Program (NCHRP). Dr. Tsai has authored and co-authored over 35 geotechnical papers—with more than 20 of them on the subject of deep foundations. He retired from LADOTD on June 1, 2017 and is now a member of Ardaman’s Baton Rouge team.

Dr. Glen R. Andersen, P.E. has joined Ardaman’s New Orleans office as Principal Engineer. Glen earned his bachelor’s degree at Brigham Young University and a master’s and doctorate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has more than 32 years of experience in the practice of geotechnical engineering with expertise in soft-ground behavior, expansive soils, and collapsible soils. His projects have included: geotechnical evaluation and design of flood control facilities (levees, T-Walls, I-Walls, and sector gates); slope stabilization; complex soil/structure interaction; large industrial facilities; stabilization of ground-founded tanks; and, roadway and bridge design; and, forensic evaluations.


George Segre, P.E., New Orleans, has received his Professional Engineering License in Louisiana.

Melissa Murphy, Baton Rouge, passed the Louisiana PE exam.

Colin Jewsbury, P.E., Orlando, was appointed as a representatives on the ACEC – Florida, Transportation Committee.

Dan Zrallack, P.E., Port St. Lucie, is serving on the ACEC – Florida, Professional Concerns Committee.

Mike Wilson, P.E., Tallahassee, is serving on the FES Society Commission on Legislative and Government Relations and is also the Chair of the FES Professional Concerns Committee.

Whitney Stevens, P.E., Tampa is serving as a Director for the ASHE Tampa Ba chapter. She also is the Secretary for the ASHE Southeast Region. Whitney is also on the ACEC-Florida Transportation Committee and the THEA Liaison Sub-Committee.

Phil Schlossnagle, P.E., Tampa, serves on the ACI Florida Suncoast Chapter Board of Directors.

Marty Millburg, P.E., Tampa, is serving as a Director of the West Coast Branch of ASCE.

Matt Elmore, Fort Myers, is serving as the Vice President of the ASCE SW Florida branch.

Whitney Stevens, P.E. and Mike Wilson, P.E. both represented Ardaman and participated in the Professional Engineer Legislative Days which was a 2-day event held in Tallahassee this past January.

Ardaman Anniversary

Congratulations to the employees below who met an Ardaman Anniversary milestone in 2017.

First Name Last Name Location Years of Service
Gary Schmidt Sarasota, FL 45
Roberto Balbis West Palm Beach, FL 45
Robert Lockley Fort Myers, FL 40
Billy Jackson Orlando, FL 40
Lawrence Braddy New Orleans, LA 40
Melanie Shields Tallahassee, FL 30
Charles Cunningham Orlando, FL 30
Peter Ingalls Bartow, FL 30
James Capezzuto Orlando, FL 30
Zan Bates Orlando, FL 25
Mark Mongeau Orlando, FL 25
Mike Wilson Tallahassee, FL 25
Evelio Horta Miami, FL 25
Vicki Davis Shreveport, LA 25
Susan Williams Sarasota, FL 20
Philip Schlossnagle Tampa, FL 20
Daniel Zrallack Port St. Lucie, FL 20
Kenneth Nicholson Orlando, FL 20
Napier Glover Bartow, FL 20
Anna Caruso West Palm Beach, FL 20
Michael Messing Orlando, FL 10
Jaren Skinner Fort Myers, FL 10
Ruben Cabral Bartow, FL 10
Pedro Milian West Palm Beach, FL 10
Christina McCall Tallahassee, FL 10
Wendell Walls Orlando, FL 10
Robert Jewell Baton Rouge, LA 10
William Singletary Orlando, FL 10
Jami Harpole Baton Rouge, LA 10
Kerry Cunningham Jr. New Orleans, LA 10
Donald Tindall Orlando, FL 10
Chae Hrenyk Baton Rouge, LA 10
Daniel Lasalle Baton Rouge, LA 10
Bradley McCluskey Orlando, FL 10
Stuart Taylor Bartow, FL 10
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