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2019 Safety Summit

On February 22, 2019, Ardaman & Associates, Inc. hosted its Safety Summit at the Corporate Headquarters in Orlando, FL with Health & Safety Coordinator attendees participating from all 13 branches.

This year’s area of concentration was on promoting safety culture throughout the company.  The day was filled reviewing our Safety Throughout Operations Program (STOP) and refresher training techniques with different approaches in connecting with new hires.  A session was also held with an open discussion regarding areas for improvement and brainstorming on new and effective means of employee engagement in the safety programs company wide.

Our executive management comprised of Mohamad Al-hawaree (AAI President) and Ernie Cox (Sr. Vice President) also participated with the group with brief discussions regarding our safety culture and their commitment to safety. 

List of attendees above include: Tony Erbland, Cheryl VanArsdall, Brian Runkles, Ken Stern, Jason Manning, Chad Roe, Alicia Luna, Mark Zrallack, James Belt, Evelio Horta Jr, Walter Skewis, Jeremy Clark, Nate Jones, Chae Hrenyk, and Brett Buxbaum

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