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10th Dr. Anwar Wissa Lecture, 2022

The American Society of Civil Engineers, West Coast Branch, Geo-Institute held the 10th Dr. Anwar Wissa Lecture at the University of South Florida Embassy Suites in Tampa, Florida on November 10, 2022.

This year’s keynote speaker was Mr. Silas C. Nichols, P.E., Principal Geotechnical Engineer for the Federal Highway Administration’s Office of Infrastructure. Mr. Nichols discussed challenges associated with large diameter foundation elements resulting from recent innovations in construction equipment combined with increased load carrying demands for foundation elements which have resulted in significantly larger and deeper foundation elements. These larger foundation elements have tested our capabilities including equipment requirements, materials, standards, and construction means and methods. The efforts to optimize drilled shaft design, evaluate design methodologies for large diameter open-ended pipe piles, update guidance for acceptance of large diameter foundation elements, and address future research needs for the geotechnical and foundations community were emphasized.

Mr. Nichols’s presentation was preceded by a presentation of a current research project on “Optimizing the Dynamic Replacement of Soft Soils with Sand Using Finite Element Tools”. The presentation was made by University of South Florida student, Mr. Walid Elsiwi, MCE. Professor Gray Mullins, Ph.D., PE of the University of South Florida also presented on the “Effects of Slurry Type on Drilled Shaft Concrete Strength” and the use of instantaneous measurements of core drilling effort.  

The 2022 Dr. Anwar Wissa Lecture was organized by a Committee of the ASCE West Coast Branch Geo Institute led by Mr. Curt Basnett of Jacobs Engineering with Committee member Ross McGillivray of Ardaman & Associates, Inc. The lecture has been held annually since 2011, in honor of Dr. Wissa who served as Ardaman’s president for over three decades. The lecture invites presentations by leading geotechnical engineering researchers and practitioners, both nationally and internationally.  The lecture was attended by undergraduate and graduate students, engineering faculty of the University of South Florida, and engineers from the local area.

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