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Construction Materials Testing & Inspections

Construction Materials Testing and Inspection

Ardaman provides full-service construction materials testing and inspection services from each of our office locations.

Construction Testing Services to Enhance the Process

We believe that the purpose of the testing/inspection element on a project is to enhance the construction process, and to serve as a team member in verifying construction quality and assisting in the project being completed on time, and on budget. Our personnel are trained and equipped to deal with issues as they occur, and to help, where appropriate, to resolve them. At Ardaman, we endeavor to be a contributing member of the construction team.

Our field representatives are radio-dispatched and cross-trained in various areas of testing and inspection, and their vehicles are equipped with GPS transponders to allow for rapid and effective response to our clients’ needs. Further, our field technicians and inspectors employ smartphone-based software to record field data and notes, and to electronically transmit the information to the home office for processing.

Construction testing for foundations, structures and more.

Construction Materials Testing & Inspections Projects


At Ardaman, we provide testing and inspection services for virtually all aspects of foundation construction. Our experienced technicians conduct tests to evaluate the in-place density and moisture of fill and subgrade soils, and they monitor fill placement and compaction. We evaluate sufficiency of deep, soil improvement procedures (soil grouting, deep compaction, vibro-densification, etc.). We also monitor the installation of deep foundations and conduct load tests on installed piles and drilled shafts. Our field inspectors also test and observe placement of concrete and reinforcing steel for the structural foundation elements (i.e., footings, grade beams, structural mats, slabs, etc.).


Ardaman’s technicians provide testing and inspection services for both flexible and rigid pavements. Services are provided both at the construction site and at the materials supply plants. We provide mix-design services for pavement materials (asphaltic concrete, Portland cement concrete, soil cement, etc.), observation and testing at the batch plants to evaluate compliance with the mix-design, and testing of the in-place product to verify compliance with the project plans and specifications. We also provide destructive and non-destructive testing of completed pavement sections. Ardaman’s technicians are tested and certified, and our construction materials testing laboratories are inspected yearly by FDOT and LADOTD.


Ardaman’s personnel are trained and equipped to provide construction testing and inspection services for structural elements. We test fresh concrete, observe its placement, and if necessary, we can evaluate the condition of hardened concrete using either destructive or non- destructive methods. Our field representatives can observe reinforcing steel placement and post tensioning operations. We provide visual inspection and non-destructive testing of structural steel both in the field and in the fabrication plant. Further, our experienced technicians inspect fabrication of precast/pre-stressed concrete products. We are capable of testing wood, masonry, and roofing materials. On our staff, we have certified Threshold Inspectors who supervise threshold agents and field technicians to provide Special Inspection services required by Florida law.

Other Testing

Ardaman is capable of providing testing and inspection services for many other types of projects. We are especially qualified and experience with testing related to environmental and waste disposal projects. We provide quality control testing for natural soil and synthetic liners, and monitoring of slurry wall construction. We are truly a full-service construction materials testing and inspection organization; we have provided services on thousands of projects and can satisfy our clients’ needs on virtually any type of assignment.

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